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fast shipping

enjoyed it

Green Apple is my fav

Fast shipping

Came fast

I was glad to see it came fast although the vape I recieved was kind of hard to hit every few puffs I've had to really inhale and it's I think because the particular vape I got when I get them at the store this can happen ,otherwise great and flavor rocks 2!!

Sooooo nice!

I got the dom rose. It’s super smooth with a great scent. It might be nostalgia cause it reminds me of a smell I used to love, but I’d easily buy this again.

smoothest vape IMO

very good price for a great vape

best disposable vape on the market, lezzzbehonest


smooth hits tbh

they dont call it funky for no reason

one of the best

so tough to find these online - glad i ordered from these guys

yocan my fav brand

great vape mod


great flavor and puff

esco bars go crazy


dang pretty good

good smokes

my fav vape seriously

no better nic vape than the torch 5000

so much flavor

loved it

great taste, charging was a little tough

The Elf Bar BC5000 Ultra is decent. I appreciate the long battery life, but I did experience a few hiccups when trying to recharge. Also, the device can get a bit warm with prolonged use. Overall, it's good, but there's room for improvement."

one of my favorites

Finally, a vaping device that keeps up with my busy lifestyle! The Elf Bar BC5000 Ultra's battery life is a blessing, especially for someone like me who's always on the go. It's easy to use, looks great, and the performance is top-notch.

favorite vape

ive tried every flavor, cant complain. got here really fast too

this stuff was gassssss

best vape on the market


Spearmint is a good flavor. Very close to a elfbar clear

sour apple was good

not bad taste

best 8000 puff vape on the market no cap

ordered and it came in 2 days, insane

super durable

my fav vape case ive used

These really work to help you relax.

I have been using 3Chi 300mg Delta 8 Tincture for the past two weeks and it has noticeably improved my mood and energy levels. I find myself more relaxed, less anxious, and much more focused. The effects come on slowly but last all day. I highly recommend this product!

Great taste & even greater feeling.

I use 3Chi Comfortably Numb 1g Delta 8 CBN Cartridge after my workouts to help me relax and get into a comfortable state. It's always a relief to know that I have this cartridge on hand if I need it.